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Industrial Automation Division (IA) 

The fourth industrial revolution is reshaping the global industrial landscape while bringing new opportunities to China. Oriented at developing an innovation-driven economy, China is gathering pace to promote Intelligent Manufacturing to move closer to its strategic goal.

Paving the way for the transformation and upgrade of China’s manufacturing industry by helping customers achieve Intelligent Manufacturing is one of the major missions of our Industrial Automation division.

We have been making it easier for manufacturing companies to greatly improve their productivity, sustainability and global competitiveness.

Our associates know that realizing the connection between personnel, production processes and operation technologies through the integration of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT), is creating a more intelligent, more efficient and safer production environment.

Since 2002, the solid industrial automation technology and expertise of our team ensured strong added value to the customers we have been serving with industrial automation products, dedicated services and advanced solutions.

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