Integrity & Compliance

Complying with legal and regulatory requirements is a challenge we meet in all 48 countries where we operate. But we do more than that,

because integrity is one of the key day-to-day concerns for Group associates.

All Committed, All Compliant!

Our ambition to stand as “la Référence” applies to compliance and integrity as well.

Sonepar is committed to the highest ethical, social and environmental standards and aims to behave as a responsible corporate citizen in all countries where it operates.

Marie-Christine Coisne-Roquette:

Chairman of Sonepar

“Since Sonepar’s creation in 1969, complying with the rules of ethics and good governance, as embodied and passed down by our founder, has always been a priority for the Group.”

In 2019, Sonepar became the first group in France to have been officially declared compliant with all the requirements of France’s Sapin II anti-corruption law. The decision was handed down on July 4, 2019 by the Enforcement Committee of the French Anti-corruption Agency (Agence Française Anticorruption – AFA). Sonepar has rolled out all of the eight measures and procedures required: code of conduct, whistleblowing scheme, risk map, third party due diligence procedures, accounting control procedures, training program, internal disciplinary procedure, procedure for internal monitoring and assessment of these measures.

Philippe Delpech:

Sonepar CEO

Compliance is everyone ‘s responsibility at Sonepar, every day in everything we do.

A culture of integrity

Abiding by the law and business ethics is a central value at Sonepar.

A Code of Conduct has been issued to the Group’s entire staff, and is available to the various stakeholders on a variety of media including Group and local websites and intranets. It spells out the basic values and responsibilities in the area of integrity for Sonepar and its operating companies.

In concrete terms, the Group has put in place actions and tools for the various operating companies around the world so that integrity and compliance with rules become a daily focus for our associates on the job.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Sonepar expects its business partners to commit to the same high level of ethics. As such, specific standards are set out in a dedicated Supplier Code of Conduct and the Group has deployed procedures and tools to assess the integrity of its business partners.

Compliance Policies and Procedures

In order to effectively implement the principles and standards set out in Sonepar’s Code of Conduct, various topics are dealt with more specifically in Group as well as local Compliance Policies and Procedures, such as promoting fair competition, preventing corruption, protecting data privacy, or complying with embargos and international trade regulations.

Sonepar’s Compliance Program

If an associate is uncomfortable sharing concerns with his/her line manager, an associate can contact Sonepar’s Human Resources Department (either at headquarter or local level) or the Group General Counsel’s Office (

If an associate does not wish to interact with Sonepar’s personnel, or if the person wishing to report is outside of Sonepar, a confidential whistleblower reporting system is available. It is provided by an independent third-party provider selected by Sonepar. Reports can be made at any time, 24 hours a day, in 20 different languages.

The platform can be accessed via the following link:

The reporting process is encrypted and password protected. Communication with the whistleblower takes place on this secured platform.

Click here to find out more on Sonepar’s whistleblowing policy

Speak Up!

Sonepar has established a whistleblowing policy to provide a way for those who are aware of circumstances or behaviors which they believe, in good faith, could represent violations of Sonepar’s Code of Conduct, Supplier Code of Conduct, Policies and Procedures and/or applicable laws and regulations, to identify and share those concerns.

Sonepar‘s Whistleblowing Policy is available in the Compliance Policies and Procedures Manual.

Who should I contact to raise an alert?

·Referring the matter to your manager is the preferred option.

·If you are uncomfortable sharing concerns with your manager, please contact Sonepar's Human Resources Department (either at headquarter or local level) or the General Counsel's Office.​​​​​​

·If you do not wish to interact with Sonepar's personnel, you may use our confidential whistleblower reporting system available 24 hours a day, in 20 different languages.

I want to contact the General Counsel‘s Office: Email to

Follow up your concerns in Sonepar‘s alert system (For concerns created prior to December 16, 2021)Follow Up

I want to lodge/follow up an alert in Sonepar's alert system (For concerns created after December 16, 2021)Whistleblowing Platform

A Dedicated Organization

The Group VP Legal and Compliance promotes the principles and best practices set out in the Group Code of Conduct and its related Policies and Procedures along with the Regional General Counsels.

Each Regional President is responsible for the implementation of the Group Compliance Program in the Region falling under his/her responsibility along with countries’ and operating companies’ managers.

A worldwide network of Compliance Champions also plays a key role by providing support to Sonepar’s operating companies in implementing the Group Compliance Program.

The Sonepar International Legal & Compliance Committee (SILCC)

Chaired by the General Counsel, the SILCC is composed of senior members of the Group’s Legal, Risk and Compliance community.

Meeting physically once a year as well as through regular conference calls, it is inter alia a forum for best practices sharing, decision-making and follow up to ensure that the Group’s Compliance Program is fully respected.