Our Telecom Services Division is a pioneer in supplying end-to-end site installation materials for Telecom providers, towers and network operators. With the development of 5G and cross-industries synergies, our solutions expanded in various fields related to communication including industrial applications, renewable energy, datacenter and lighting solutions.

With more than 20 years of professional expertise in our field of business in China, we cater to B2B domestic and international industrial companies on long-term partnership basis. In order to serve the needs of our customers and give them proper attention and focus, we push boundaries, co-develop, engineer, source, and supply products to perfectly match requirements.

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Network infrastructure solutions:

Increasing customer’s efficiency and saving energy at the same time is the focus of our team. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end electrical solutions for the Telecom industry. And our team of specialists has expertise to support you in your projects in regards to development, engineering, sourcing and supply.

Our logistical capacity allows us to meet your needs, thanks to 38 locations throughout the pro vince and a distribution centre able to deliver within 24 hours.

Strategic approach to Logistics:

Our ability to cope with the evolving and stringent demand of the Telecom industry is at the core of our business. Our strong expertize in sourcing, planning, inventory management, kitting and packing allows us to match the highest standard of service level required in the Industry.

With above 2.5 million order lines per year we match our customer demands while anticipating future evolutions.

Sustainable and efficient solutions for modern connectivity:

In close collaboration with our customers, we are redefining connectivity, and driving convergence by evaluating and developing energy efficient and advanced offer across various fields.