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More than 70000 genuine items available locally and covering multiple product categories

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Benefit from recommendations and support from our experts

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No matter your end market, Building, Industry or Energy, our associates are able to guide you.

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Offline or online, our experts and solutions offer optimizing combination and alternative options.

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In our offices, through call centers, our customer service app or on site, upon your request.

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Specific tracking solutions developed to provide better delivery visibility backing your project

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Design Support

No matter in house or with EPC, we are glad to work on your turnkey opportunities.

One Stop Supply

Your qualified core supplier with large products depth and breadth with customized services

System And Package Integration

Engineered solutions and service to help you improve process flow, prolong equipment lifecycle

Installation And Debugging

Our engineers are experts in configuring and programming various Level 3 information.

Repair And Maintenance

Value-added and predictive maintenance package to save your higher replacement cost

MRO Spare Parts

Spare parts inventory assessment planning, leasing service and lifecycle management service

Emergency Support

High speed response process and service center to support you when unexpected issues occur

Upgrade And Retrofit

Component upgrade for interfaces, automation systems, production and energy management

Facing Great Challenges?

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Proof Of Concept

Partnering with you in new application and machine development for mutual development

Kitting Services

Abilities in product development, procurement, assembly, labeling, inspection, testing, distribution

Warranty Extension

Extended warranty of multiple hardware in specified contract period for failed part exchange

Part Management Agreement

PMA solution to help you gain quick access to specific spare parts with low operating costs

Remanufacturing Services

Remanufacturing in cutting tools or other product categories according to your requirements

Inventory Management

Gaining real time visibility on your stock level, improve your FIFO and possible RFID tracking

TCO Reduction

Dedicated program and team to help you reduce cost of ownership while improving productivity

Training And Seminars

Trainings and seminars on new industry standards, best practices and perform hands-on trial