For several years now, we have prioritized sustainable development, with a primary focus on concrete action.

Our approach to sustainable development spans five crucial themes:

- Offering eco-efficient products and eco-efficient solutions through our consulting and customer services

- Reducing our environmental impact

- Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility

- Taking good care of the men and women who work for the Group

- Complying with all applicable laws

We encourage creativity, adaptability, and process improvement—without losing sight of specific local conditions—in order to support the transition to more sustainable energy opportunities.

Our family shareholders encourage these long-term visions by emphasizing the importance of universal respect for all human beings and healthy and sustainable growth across the globe.

Offering eco-efficient products and eco-efficient solutions through our consulting and customer services.

We seek out, encourage, and give precedence to ‘greener’ technologies that help save energy and reduce environmental footprints.

This also means developing a range of relevant consulting services, such as energy audits.

We strive to inform customers of a more eco-efficient alternative to multiple products on offer, and can offer customers such high-quality services as energy audits, modeling, and energy-use monitoring, and the introduction of ‘sustainable, energy-efficient, or green equipment’.

Limiting our impact on both the broader environment and our own environment.

This goal is addressed by providing training, measuring the impact of our operations, and optimizing performance at facilities—not only large distribution centers—but also offices and branches. Many of the Group’s most recent buildings meet such demanding standards asLeadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), while many of the older ones have been renovated to enhance energy efficiency or in some cases boost recycling.

As a consecration of our focus, Sonepar China’s Headquarter uses human centric lighting, lux adjusted windows blinds, modular meeting rooms, and highly advance facial recognition system, allowing us to reduce our electricity consumption while benefiting from an associate-friendly atmosphere and environment.

Going further, we organize tree plantings and “green endeavors” with our associates, helping remote area to gain access to the grid or providing courses to children in needs.

Being a socially responsible company.

This goal has characterized Sonepar China from its inception. In day-to-day practice, it is reflected in our work to foster the inclusion of people with disabilities, as well as in countless initiatives carried out by our subsidiaries to serve nearby communities in the field.

In HK, our operating company, Supermoon has been awarded many years in a row, Caring Company, by the Hong Kong Council Of Social Services, for its dedication in caring for the community, associates and the environment.

Apart from this recognition, our local staffs participate also in volunteering work that aims at bringing power and hope to the less fortunate families in society.

Taking care of team members.

Throughout the Group, this is a self-evident commitment that spans safety, training, making the most of people’s qualities, encouraging personal growth, promoting well-being in the workplace, and embracing diversity.

At WitJoint Automation, training takes top priority, with all associates enrolled in a wide variety of trainings, expanding human possibilities through digitalization, and automation is a driver for this highly advanced and performing team.

Energy and Sustainability Weeks (ESW)

This annual high-profile event is rolled across our different commercial brands through conferences, customer seminars, training for associates, product and innovative service promotions – not to mention a major company contest worldwide.

Since 2016, the ESW Awards have rewarded those innovation initiatives with the greatest originality, impact and duplication potential.