Sustainable Cities & Communities: Sonepar’s Support for Battery Production

With climate change, fuel supply shortages and public demand all highlighting the importance of sustainable, renewable energy being adopted on a widespread scale, one key element remains a cornerstone to achieving this goal: lithium-ion batteries.

Used as energy storage devices in homes and businesses, cars and buses, and even public mass transit systems such as trains, lithium-ion batteries have become a mainstay in any large-scale renewable energy development and implementation plan. This has become even more apparent in areas looking to follow the United Nations' 2030 "Sustainable Cities and Communities" Sustainable Development Goal to cut carbon emissions and help curb global warming before it spirals out of control.

Faced with a global semiconductor shortage, many battery production cities worldwide have been facing issues in keeping up with the demand for consumer battery needs. One of our customers, as the world's leading lithium-ion battery manufacturers in China faced such an issue, and Industrial Automation (IA) Division of Sonepar in China was there to help.

Utilizing our extensive supply network and expertise in pneumatic systems, Sonepar in China was able to work with our customer in order to ensure that no disruptions to their supply chain were encountered and production efficiency was boosted while cutting overall costs. This has helped ensure that batteries for sustainability projects are getting to where they need to be on time, every time.

As a key player in the electrical ecosystem, Sonepar in China prides itself on proactively working to support sustainability and a greener future. Covering more than 20 provinces locally, we will never stop working to support quality growth and development in the years to come.

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